Save time with one universal application

Complete one short form in 2 minutes or less —

auto-fill multiple financing applications in seconds.

Step 1: Add to Chrome

Click here to visit the chrome store to install Form Assistant in seconds, for free.

Step 2: Complete Form

Complete one short two-step form in minutes and click "submit" to auto-fill multiple applications.

Step 3: View Multiple Offers

Quickly finalize each application and submit each to view and compare multiple financing offers.

Works with various lending companies to show the best available offers

Works with various lending companies 

to show the best available offers

a powerful browser extension

Save Time

Never waste time again completing multiple financing applications for your customers. Complete one short form and get multiple decisions. 

Multiple offers can help you close more deals by providing customers with the best rates and lowest monthly payment options.

Increase Sales

it's pretty much a no-brainer

Get our user-friendly extension for free. Save time with one form and increase sales by providing customers with the most competitive rates. It's 100% free - what do you have to lose?

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Add to Chrome - It's FREE >>
Add to Chrome - It's FREE >>Add to Chrome - It's FREE >>